The Glocal Innovator Support Model (GISMODEL) concept was proposed by Mikael Syväjärvi, Sweden. It is an outcome of long experience in bringing research to business, entrepreneurial start-up activities, technology transfer, national strategic innovation programmes, smart specialization (RIS3), regional growth, cluster formation, etc etc.

Innovations and innovators are the key to new technologies. There is a grand challenge in the transition from early stage to full implementation, in particular at the building up stage.

The GISMODEL is based on a team that supports the innovator and the innovators closest circle. The team consists of generalists who have specialist competences.

The idea emerged from reading about the Buurtzorg model in health care. In this a team supports the patient and patient family. The team is self organized, makes own decisions and has entrepreneurial mindset. It is a link to the societal system. This the individual focus is priority. The model has demonstrated several benefits from financial to life quality.